Newly single girl self day out

After years of romantic days and gluey partner, stepping into single life is freedom and emotionally destroying sometimes.
Yeah, I do understand no one decides to be single by own, circumstances make things happen.

“This content is not to emphasis on the heartbreak or emotional trauma that you are going through.” I know this feeling tastes like shit but the lady you deserve to be a prisonless bird. He might have cheated you or some other reasons causing the things to fall apart.
Wait wait! Cut all that crap and think of the days when you used to check Instagram of your friends enjoying at some exotic location. How solo girl trip videos and stories used to excite you. Now life has given you the time to fall in love with yourself and feel the beauty that is there within you.

Make a list of things that you need to do for yourself to celebrate newly achieved independence.

1) Plan a self day out
Corporate life comes up with lots of responsibilities. Chuck it babe, Just pick up your laptop and drop a text to your boss for work from home day.
Now Gather your required belongings and go and sit at your favorite cafe or restaurant and work there for a day. Trust me this works. I do this whenever I feel low, and blogs I write at such places are far better than one I write at home or at the office. However, you owe beer/coffee for yourself.

2) Pamper your skin
Your stress and issues can be clearly visible on your face. That tired skin needs some pampering now, you can plan for some home salon service or visit the nearest parlor for massage or skin pampering sessions.
You can also plan to visit some locations like Rishikesh for yoga break or experience ayurvedic body at Kerala.

3) Spoil Yourself with Hamper
No matter how many efforts you used to do in buying surprises for his value of that gestures were never up to expectations. Why don’t you plan to spoil yourself by gifting yourself that have bee craving for a long time? It might be those white shoes that are there in your wishlist or nowels that you always wanted to read. whenever I experience heartbreak, I Just stuff my bookshelf with books.
I keep on texting my girl gang for books suggestions or shopping day out. I know how much you loving shopping, so baby goes for it.

4) Be a break free wander savvy.
Yes Beautiful, trips can help you a lot to forget past you don’t need rebound people. At such time you need yourself.
Log into your system and surf for solo trip organizers or a group trip with strangers. Travel with people who are not going to judge as you will be as strange for them as they will be for you. Leave behind all the grudges and negativity at your home. Just pick up your backup you and explore the world. Happiness lies within you. Swap the saying “I need him” to “I need myself”. You will meet the new that was waiting to be recognized by you within you.

If you are going through such phase in life then let me know what kind of activities you are doing to overcome this. My strong ladies never lose your worth because of a broken relationship.