How to kill time during long holiday.

Hello everyone,
All of us wait for the weekends throughout the week, but when it really comes then we tend to realize that we have got nothing to do. Just like we would wait for the summer vacations during school. When it really came we didn’t have anything to do and would get bored. Don’t get me wrong, I really love holidays and I cherish each and every hour of it. However, super long ass holiday can get extremely exhausting sometimes… yes, everyone, I am on my holiday right now… a super long ass one.
So, I thought, writing an article would be a good idea… just in case, some of you out there also experience the way I feel about the super long holiday!

Here are a few things one can do when you are on your holiday and are in desperate need to kill some time:-

W A T C H (New Movies // Catching up)


Watching new tv-series or movies really do help killing time during the holiday, b’coz you will end up binge-watching it for hours and days and loose the track of time. I recently started watching The Crown, and before that…I was catching up on Riverdale, Stranger Things & Running Man. TV is like a gift for all those who have boring Sundays. Even nowadays it’s much easier to pass your time when you got Netflix with you.



Expressing our emotions and conveying our thoughts to others becomes a lot more easier when we decide to write a blog. I have been writing quite a lot of articles which never happened before (especially during my days). And to be honest, it does really help me to use that extra time since writing serves as a state of catharsis & you always have this overflowing of great ideas when you write…which makes you keep on writing & writing.








Now that you have lots of free time, you can catch up with your old-school friends who you otherwise just text message. You can even go to your relatives and check up on them. Time seems to speed up so fast when you are with a great companion, at least that’s how I always feel. During the holiday, I have been going out a lot, especially hanging out with my friends whom I have not met for quite a long time. Hanging out with my friends really boost my holiday mood, and since you are around your friends all the time (laying around, go eating and drinking, having a deep and playful conversation) … you sort of later think that this holiday should never end. I do not know about you, but I could hang out with my friends from morning/afternoon till up to midnight. So, there you go… friends can be your mood booster during your long holiday.


Going on vacation is a must during a long holiday, whether it is domestic or international. Through traveling, we always learn something new, experience new things and embrace the beauty of our Creator’s masterpiece. Traveling alone can be boring too, so why not take some friends with you or just your parents who wait the whole week for getting some of your time.


Whether you are a university or high school student, to be able to do an internship during the long break would be a very good opportunity to take. Gaining new experiences, making some new friends, increase your working experience on your resumé. On the other hand, you could also earn some extra bucks out of it. If you have got plenty of free time in your hands, then it is a good opportunity to spend it earning some money rather than whiling it away. It may really help you discover what you really want to do and what you don’t.



I always try to go to local events when I am free (especially during holidays), whether they are exhibitions, music festivals, marathons, parties, etc. Try to attend as much as possible when you are free, obviously, events that suit you the most or which you like!







Time waits for none, so don’t let your free time fly away just like that, in fact, try new things and think up new ways to spend it in a good way.

This is the end of the article! Thank you for taking the time to read my article, it really means a lot 🙂

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Anoop Yadav

“Be a traveler, not a tourist”

Editorial Credits: Priyanka Gera