How to travel alone as a woman in Delhi without getting insane.

Delhi is a beautiful city, full of diversity, delicious food, colors and much more. Theheat, thestares, thebusy and fussy roads, pollution and trust me! A lot more is there to make you crazy on the streets of Delhi.

When it comes to shopping or having delicious street food markets of Sarojini, Janpath, and CPetc in short “Delhi” has a lot to offer but traveling in Delhi can sometimes drive you insane. Life never gives you all roses, same way Delhi also has its drawbacks. Traveling through the city of life aka Delhi can be tough at times.

Don’t worry sweetie we got you! Here are some hacks that can make your traveling experience fun and better.

  1. Smile- I know, I get it, my love, between all that pollution and fuss smiling, can be hard but try to find beauty around you. In those colors, fragrance of choley bhaturay and kachoris, diversity, beauty is all around, just have a look and smile. If you are having a hard time with admiring the beauty and smiling then just get your phone out and start clicking pictures. Photography help you admire beauty better, so why not! And we all know smiling can never be a bad idea.
  2. Take the Metro– Let me start off by saying, ‘Bless that person behind the idea of starting metros in Delhi’. Cabs are a great option too but it can be expensive sometimes. You can enjoy Delhi streets and markets best on foot, so just get to the nearest metro station and off you go! for a fun experience. Metros take you to almost every part of the city, so what are you waiting for a hop into metro and swirl through the dynamic city of life.
  3. Stay hydrated-Bargaining with shopkeepers will definitely tire you, so drink water, or drop by at a juice corner but please stay hydrated. Facts show that you get cranky and snappy when you are dehydrated, drinking water or juice will keep you fresh and your travel experience will annoy you less. Staying Hydrated will keep you full of energy and you can shop more and discover Delhi deeper. So Yay!
  4. Never compromise your safety-despite being a city full of life Delhi can be unsafe at times. Make sure you share your live location with your loved ones if you feel even a bit unsafe. If you ever find yourselves in an unpleasant situation don’t hesitate to take out your pepper spray. Always keep your pepper spray in your pocket and not in the purse. Just by following such simple steps your traveling experience can be safe and fun. Clearly, no one likes an unpleasant memory of such a beautiful city.
  5. Local gods are there to help- if you are a newbie in Delhi and you are taking google maps for help, you can actually go a bit cray-cray there, I am not kidding. Google maps sometimes show long routes, but an easy way to travel is to ask local people around. Local people around are fond of travelers so if you are having problems with navigation, taking help from locals is never a bad idea. Most importantly follow your instincts. If you feel lost in between the streets just follow your instincts and move on becauseDelhistreets are all interconnected and will gradually lead your way out to the main market. Never hesitate to take assistance from people around or our dear Google baba!

Whether it drives us insane or makes us happy city of life always makes sure to give an unforgettable experience.

We would love to hear your stories so, comment down below some of your experiences in Delhi. Till then stay tuned, much love and more power to you.