How to separate time for yourself when on a trip with colleagues..!!

It wouldn’t be erroneous if I say, we all are well acquainted about how group plans work out or the adversities associated with making up our pals to join in for a trip. As far as my wretched experience is concerned, for group plans to work out, it takes high perseverance, sprinkled by preposterous excuses used by group members to get approval from their parents, a little bit of enthusiasm and excitement in oneself and of course a planned location where the group will be headed. Now that is of least concern, the hardships that are faced by members while bag-packing and cooperating with each other. This all might sound easy to you and something that can be done in a snap of fingers while reading. However, practically, checking each one of these tasks take a hell lot of efforts to get them done. Going stages by stages, firstly, group members giving their assent to the trip is the only positive indication, that the plan is actually going to work out as almost all the members come up with their pathetic reasons and try hard to get it cancelled. Moving onwards, making a plan for how things are going to happen and selecting a destination is the lined up task and concluding this will nearly make the group fall apart because selecting a destination with a bundle of ideas coming from every head, makes it a little chaotic, repulsive and might result in what we are afraid of.

Conversely, things are completely different when it all comes to a corporate trip where it feels like a rendezvous. It becomes a totally different scenario when you are going on a trip with your colleagues. There is no hustle bustle regarding how things are going to happen, where we are destined to, where we are going to take a halt or stay. In fact, we have a proper itinerary and everything happens in a pre-planned manner. However, the thing that is of major concern here is how are we going to cooperate with our colleagues, in front of whom we cannot act weird, we certainly cannot be the same as we are with our friends or the ones with whom we feel comfortable, since all of us are tied with this thread of “Professionalism” and another one is how would we be able to separate out a time for ourselves. Carrying all these questions, I was recently a part of a trip, sponsored by the company where I work. As the firm itself was powering the trip, there was a fine layer of clarity in each and everything. Everything was professionally planned up and nicely acted upon.

We were all destined to Rishikesh, the destination that was not decided by the ones who were to go on a trip but the top level management. Everyone carrying the heavy load of their bags, trying to relax their excitement and hoping to add another bundle of memories into their collection, met at the pick up location and left for the destination. I had an astounding feeling of being accompanied by the people I recently got to meet and would be making memories with them but I was more concerned about the time that I would be separating for myself since I have always been the one who prefers a Solo trip over a group trip. Also, somewhere in the corner of my mind, I was afraid about the possible internal conflicts among the group and hoping that everything goes smoothly.

By the time, we reached there, we were dead tired that we directly went to our canopies to freshen ourselves up. It was the dinner time. We all had our dinner and gathered around at the bonfire area. There I felt like it could be the moment when I could go for a walk, since everyone was just lying in their chaises, trying to relax for a moment. I skipped the gathering and went on for a walk taking my guitar with me. I sat on a rock in the middle of a rivulet and started playing guitar. That was undoubtedly the best feeling. Played it for a while, and a bunch of people who were totally unknown to me, joined me there and started singing with me. I finished up the session by having a quick chat with them and we all went to our canopies again to sleep. In the morning, I woke up a little earlier than others and experienced the exquisite weather. I went to the same rivulet, exercised for a few minutes, took a brief look of the view around me, tried to capture it in my phone and since it was all mountains and I was able to hear the relaxing sound produced by the stream, I was hit by some deep thoughts related to life and was just wishing to stay there for a few more days. However, it being a short trip, because of an undersized budget, made that thought disappear. Each one of us knew that it was going to be a completely crammed day. After having a peerless breakfast, we all played volleyball on a sand court, and went on for rafting. We all knew that it was a pack up now. Winding up the memories of the place and how mesmerizing it all was, we packed our bags up and left. At the end of day, we were just wishing to reach our home as early as we can.

Writing down the star points, first one would be I successfully sneaked into a little “me time” during the trip as I was wishing for and got a chance to meet new people as well, befriended with them and lastly, everything ended up on a good note. This addition of pompous memories into my books will always be cherished by me.