How a peaceful behaviour may lead to a ravishing life

In this hodiernal world, everyone is fiercely engaged into achieving things they desire the most. Everyone has their own separate goals and most of the people are willing to go to any extent so just to achieve what they want anyhow.  A student who recently cleared his school exams, might be hoping that he would land himself into a reputed national university, or a person who has been unemployed for an awfully longer period of time, is perhaps trying hard to knock the interview process of a nice paying MNC or a couple, that recently broke up, might be working hard to fix their relationship. Where a person has got himself entangled into the trap of his wants, he is unaware about the way, furiousness is carving out into his behaviour or how he deals with the real world or how his actions are starting to speak the language of exasperation, he now provides asylum to. However, unknowing of what the outcome would be, we are unenthusiastically allowing our daily life to become more chaotic, occupied and overwhelming at times and we cannot hold anyone else responsible for this adverse change but us. But let’s spare a moment, sit back and introspect, in this rush of accomplishing our goals or chasing our dreams, aren’t we losing our grasp onto having a peaceful life? Aren’t we mislaying the mental stability we once had? Aren’t our wants cajoling us not to act humanly? Aren’t all these tempestuous wishes unpleasantly influencing our behaviour?

However, peace is not that easy to be explained or defined, there were certain great philosophers who tried to give peace a definition, for instance “Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” After reading a few definitions, I was only able to jump onto the conclusion that the things that hamper our peaceful state of mind is when we try to mend things according to ourselves and not let them move naturally or when we start expecting more or hoping for the things we desire. We start to lose the serenity from our life. When we carry peace within us, we attain the ability to remain calm, tranquil and joyful at all times, regardless of outside circumstances, or what life offers us at any given moment. Now think, if that student who is wishing to enrol himself into a reputed national university, couldn’t make it up, or that one unemployed person fails to get a job yet again or the couple who is trying to fix their relationship, ends up getting separated, wouldn’t these failures have a radical impact on their behaviour or their mental health? And now, when they have been hit by the failures of their expectations, they will start to act indifferently, featuring a behaviour that would surely not gonna have a pleasant impact on others.

Human behaviour is mostly influenced by culture, attitudes, values, ethics, and surroundings among others. Even when we are stressed, tired, beyond our limits and dealing with our own feelings, it would certainly not going to have a sound impression on how we behave and also taking it out on others can have a huge impact on how they feel and behave. Accordingly, when a person experiences unfavourable situations, he makes himself reserved or stops getting involved in social activities. He starts feeling very disturbed and losing temper so easily that he starts flinging objects at others in anger and all this can lead to terrible repercussions. But in the end, we are humans. We always know how to make a way out of a problem. Our behaviour or how we react to situations, when faced with unexpected circumstances, can be changed and aimed in the right direction if we are motivated and take the state of affairs, as it gonna make us learn something new, as it will carve out an improved form of ourselves, that it will educate us that we are capable of doing even better.

Compiling everything up, I would say, it is not always bad to give up your seat in the metro for someone who is actually in need of it, or to display a good gesture of your behavior if you ask someone for a favor. It will not hamper your personality in any way if you are being nice to a rickshaw puller or not reacting abusively to the one who unintentionally pushed you from the back of the queue. It will not lessen your ego level, if you initiate a conversation with one of your friends who offended you or if you apologize to someone for some wrongdoings. In fact, once you try it and mend things according to the way they are supposed to be and not according to you, you will yourself be feeling divine and there would be a change that you would be able to experience in your behavior.

Content Credits: Jatin Verma