Ganesha’s Handmade idols

While going to office I used to pass across a place where handmade Ganesha’s idols were made by craftsmen. They were working on them so skillfully to make a mesmerizing piece of art. Today I planned to visit them and know more about this. There they told me that they were making these Idols for Ganesha Chaturthi.


Ganesha Chaturthi

They explained to me that “Ganesh Chaturthi, is the Hindu celebration that venerates God Ganesha. A ten-day celebration, it begins on the fourth day of Hindu lunar-sun oriented schedule month Bhadrapada, which regularly falls in Gregorian long stretches of August or September. The celebration is set apart with the establishment of Ganesha dirt symbols secretly in homes, or freely on expand pandals (impermanent stage).Perceptions incorporate droning of Vedic songs and Hindu messages, for example, Ganapati Upanishad, supplications, and Vrata (fasting). Offerings and Prasada from the every day petitions, that is dispersed from the pandal to the group, incorporate desserts, for example, modaka accepted to be a most loved of the elephant-headed divinity.

So we are making these idols for the occasion of lord Ganesha’s birthday. I was very curious to know the procedure of making of  Ganesha’s idols. Now more than that I am very excited to share what I came across, with you.

Making of Ganesha’s Idols

These crafts men were working for months on these idols, Idols were made with biodegradable clay with hands. It is a very time-consuming process. They have to give structure to the idols using wet clay And are a kept in open to dry under the sun. It takes around 40-50 hrs to make one idol. Once the idol is kept for drying craftsmen start working on the other idols. Mean while other craftsmen work on the finishing process.

After that, all the idols are kept in bulk for the painting process. They work day in and day out to give a mesmerizing look to the idol. Trust their hard-work can be clearly seen with the final idol. Idols were different from each other and all were beautiful like “they will start speaking”. Then these Ganesha’s were displayed for selling process.

Buyers take these idols to their home and Ganesha’s are kept in the home for 10 days and these 10 days are celebrated as a festival. The celebration closes on the tenth day after begin, wherein the icon is conveyed in an open parade with music and gathering droning, at that point inundated in adjacent water body, for example, a stream or sea, from there on the mud symbol breaks down and Ganesha is accepted to come back to Mount Kailasha to Parvati and Shiva.

I have shot all these processes on my camera so that I could share them with you.

May Ganesha bless you and your family.

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