A Dream

What according to you is a dream? Being capable of buying a dream car or an upcoming phone, One can also dream of having a good lifestyle or good bank balance to fulfill all the needs. Some people do not have dreams of having the money or other materialistic things, they dream of giving happiness to others. It’s been more than two weeks I have shared something with you guys. As you are reading my post this makes you very special for me. It is about the time you are applying to know about me.

Come on let us talk about dreams today.


Scientific meaning of the dream is “a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.” But ask a person who dreams day and night, who dreams with open eyes. A person who is trying hard to achieve it, a person who is trying to bring a change. If and only if you can relate yourself to it, read further. Today I am trying to communicate people like me, who has the strength to dream. Seriously, not everyone has been gifted the strength of dreaming.

I have met the number of people who say I don’t like dreaming because I am not that strong to bear disappointments.

For such people, I would suggest that have faith in yourself and search deep inside you that what makes you happy, what can give you the feeling of completeness. Once You will get the answer all that you need to that is making a plan and proceed in the direction of fulfillment.

My story

I was one of those people who have struggled in recognizing the goal, At the school level, I was good in sports, so I wanted to become an athlete. With the growing age and increasing pressure of studies the dream fade away. At the age of 16 I suddenly figured out my passion for writing poems, During English lectures, I used to write poems on related to the lesson being taught in class, on the situation I am going through and many more things to which I was attached to. I wanted to submerge as a writer and publish my own novel.

You know what I did realize till then that ” If your dream does not scare you, then it is not big”. I planned to work hard and become a writer one day I was searching for the various publishing house to publish my novel which wasn’t complete yet. Suddenly a thought flickered in my mind, “Am I better than other writers?” and I lost my dream. I have not completed that novel yet.

Being from the engineering background I also wanted to have the job in the best company and earn good amount of money to live a good lifestyle, But since my mind was not technical, it was not possible to exist in a technical job.

A few months ago I got a good opportunity to work as an intern where I could write, create, imagine and luckily it belonged to technical too.  So an engineer who wanted to be a writer is working in the organization where she is recognized as the engineer and who is doing the dream work. But the question is, am I happy?

Yes, I am happy but still not having the feeling of completeness. No one can ever have the feeling of completeness, dreams have no end. Once a dream gets fulfilled another dream starts dancing in mind. And my new dream is to learn the culinary arts of bakery and confectionery.

I want a life full of happiness and peace where I don’t feel like running day and night and still not happy. I want to get my own recognition, I don’t want to rule someone neither I want to be ruled by someone.

My dream is to travel the world Know about new cultures, new cuisines, new people. I don’t want to be just an employee and work for the organization, I also want to things because they make me happy.

I am ready to do anything for it. What about you?

Don’t just sit in front of the screen, enlist your goals, decide your path and be ready to fly.

I want to know about your dream, I want to know a person like me.  Share it with me, because I am here to listen.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.” 

– Priyanka Gera

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