A rough try to understand “Memes” and how it made its way into our lives

In the world full of clash and chaos, where newspaper is stuffed with news relating to mounting hooliganism, violence, political conundrums and blood-shedding, it always features a corner that is relentlessly trying to binge laughter using PJs, however, no offence to anyone, but it fails to a great extent in attaining its primary goal. You somewhat got me right, I am talking about the humour, we people harbour into ourselves. Humour has always been known for stabilizing the mood or state of mind of a person. A good sense of humour is a sign of psychological health. It is observed in all cultures and at all ages. But only in recent decades has it been considered as an essential, a fundamental part of human behaviour. Nonetheless, the greatness of humour varies from person to person. Each person has his own level of humour and endorphin (one of the four main “feelgood” chemicals released by brain) release and accordingly, time taken by him to get a joke is set. In order to better understand it, I would take the example of a group of friends, where one member always gets roasted by other members or who is not as good as his friend who has been bestowed with the tag of “PJ Master”, or the one who always cracks jokes or at least tries to.

In recent few years, we came across a trend on social media, precisely Facebook, in form of photos, texts, videos, GIFs or anything that is intended to trickle our funny bone, make us laugh and which is more commonly related to our life as a whole. It came to be known as “Meme”. On the Internet, a meme is any concept that quickly spreads from person to person, usually taking any of the above stated form. More precisely, it is an idea that could successfully replicate and jump from one mind to the next. Previously, humour had its own definition and was restricted in terms of content. The time we took to recuperate over “Santa-Banta” PJs, would have been enough for smooth execution of Electric Vehicles or Bullet Train or anything that is still not implemented in India. Memes are one of the quickest and easiest ways to incorporate humour into one’s daily life. Simply scrolling through Facebook newsfeed or Instagram meme page during a lunch break can take some edge off a stressful day. Even if a person does not live a very hectic life, but rather a more closed off one, they can find humour without the presence of another person by merely looking through old vines or popular memes. These can ultimately provide anyone with laughter in their day to day life, despite their circumstances.

Similar to emojis, memes are a way of communication. Now that technology has evolved so much, it is exceptionally getting easier to send posts on social media to others. Memes have the capability of sending messages to people without having to use words, and therefore, make them inclined to spread. Viral videos and images become popular around the globe in a matter of days, or even hours. Nowadays, our phone gallery is bloated with more memes and less of our own photos. Our social media handles feature more of shared memes rather than our travel memories. We are receiving memes on Whatsapp groups, Instagram DMs, and Facebook messengers. We have more meme enthusiasts than ever before. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that memes are somewhere helping us in getting over the depression and is the best thing one can look for in the leisure time.

Putting everything together, we are so much engaged into memes that we are getting to know about latest goings-on around the world through them. We are getting to experience memes based on recent happenings. Latest ones being JCB, the RCB girl, memes on recent Lok Sabha Elections, Movies, Songs lyrics or anything we witness in our routine life. It wasn’t long ago when “Gormint Aunty”, “Dhinchak Pooja”, “Trivago or Nagarpalika Guy” or memes on Demonetisation came into picture and became a great sensation. However, as memes are majorly based on fresh events and are easier to break but as there are two sides of a coin, we also get to see memes that are based on dank content.  Danker a meme, harder it is to crack. Being a Meme Fanatic, I always take great pleasure in making or sharing memes as it always allows me relax myself and free myself from any kind of stress or mental pressure. In this age, where memes are so prevalent on most of the platforms, hardly can I imagine the internet without them. Thankful enough to memes, we have at least something to make for our ruined day.

What is your favourite Internet meme? Let me know in the comments below.