12 thoughts you have when you travel through Delhi metro

Delhi metros are a blessing to everyone living around and for everyone who visits too. We come across so many different people while traveling in a metro. It has become an ordinary part of our daily life. Whether we are going for work or party or shopping it is the cheapest way plus it takes you to almost every corner of the city all you have to do is hop into one of them and swirl through Delhi.

Your minds are full of thoughts while sitting in the metro and watching other people. So we just hired a magician to get into your minds and find out what you think while sitting in, ha-ha just kidding mate.

Here is our version of thoughts that come across your mind while sitting in a metro.

  • Will I get the seat or not- The moment your feet touch the holy grounds of a metro station you start getting worried about getting a seat or not. Don’t worry Delhi people have a big heart so they’ll give you some space to sit anyway or just get in, stand up quietly and wait till a seat gets empty.
  • When will those aunties stop- Every time I get in there, there is a group of aunties gossiping about their husband’s and world problems like the color of their new nail polish. They laugh so loud you can’t even hear the voice of your soul sometimes. All you think about and wish for is either your station to arrive or theirs.
  • Stinky Armpits- Getting a seat in there can be tough sometimes so you have to stand up holding the hanging supporters. The moment you stand up you start having thoughts like “what if someone sweating like a pig stands by my side”. Well just wish that you don’t have to smell their stinky armpits or Ehm ehm!  They don’t have to smell yours.
  • Scary announcements- After hearing the threatening announcements like “strange things can be bombs” your mind starts reminding you of episodes of crime petrol and haunt your traveling experience.
  • Crying babies- Imagine you are holding your kindle, sitting on a seat and reading your book sounds like a perfect journey right? But no gods of metro won’t let this happen, they’ll send a magical crying baby, crashing your calming thoughts with the loudest cry possible. You actually get out of thoughts because all you can think of is “why do babies cry?” or “why can’t they just sit with quite and pretty faces”.
  • Strange people- These are mostly the first timer’s i.e.  People that are traveling in the metro for the first time. They’ll stare not only at you but everything around, the announcement speakers, closing and opening doors. They’ll ask about their station on every other station in the way. But don’t worry you were also the strange one before! Weren’t you? all you think is “god, please today I don’t  want to meet any of those strange new people”
  • Walking woofers Some people are so loud in a metro all your mind can think is “shut up!” or “stop being so loud they can hear you on the phone you don’t have to shout to make them hear you” or “just drop the phone and yell with your loud mouth they can hear you from here only”
  • Peer pressure- Whenever an old person enters the peer pressure of getting up gets into your head and speaks to you “get up, why are you so shameless” or “my station is far what if I don’t get another seat” or ”SHH… don’t make eye contact with the old lady”
  • After party stuff- Anyone returning from a party has a lot of senseless thoughts like “my makeup is spoiled now do I look like a vamp from Indian daily soaps” or “I should have drunk less” or “party all night la la la la! *a random party song*”
  • Queen of negative thoughts- When you have a bad day or umm… you are just generally negative you think about stuff like “what if my phone gets stolen” or “what if I slip while getting out of the metro” or “whoa, dude calm down you won’t die!” or “am I on the right train”
  • Hot strangers- Come on bruh! Whenever you see someone good looking this comes across your mind and we know it does “should I go and talk to him/her” nor “please god make him/her notice me once”
  • Random thoughts-“My hair looks fine as a glass of wine today” or “dude! I look like a mess today” or “mom will kill me today oh god I am so late”

Comment below and tell us what goes on your mind while traveling in a metro, till then much love and more power to you and stay tuned for more fun updates.